Affliliate Program

SorBuzZ' s Affiliate Program

Learn how to became affiliate in 3 easy steps and start to EARN 30% of every selling!

Highest commision rate affiliare program. Share on facebook and earn money

Became an Affiliate was never so easy. With our affiliate program you can reach 30% on every selling made by customers you linked to our website. It is not necessary you have a blog, we have contents for every product that you can share on FACEBOOK or TWITTER!
Nothing more easy then this, you will chose a product and you will share it on facebook, if your friends buy it, you will receive 30% of the selling price.
It is not finished yet! You can have your affiliates too. If your friends enjoy our affiliate program, using your link to sign up, when someone uses their link to buy something, your affiliates earn 5% of selling price and you keep on having 30% even if you didn' t shared anything!!

  1. STEP N°1 - SignUP: Go to our affiliate website and sign up FOR FREE using this link:
    You just need to input your: First Name, Second Name and Email:

    Sigup Sorbuzz affiliate program with high commissions

    After signedup read and agree Terms and conditions in the next page:

    Terms of service Sorbuzz referral marketing program grat commissions

  2. STEP N°2 - Set your Password: Now that you have signed up, the first important thing to do is to set your password. Now you are in your dashboard (will explain it after). On the right on top of page you will see your email, if you click on it you will se the drop-down menu and then click Set Password and set it.

    setting affiliate program account with best commissions

  3. STEP N° 3 - LET'S EARN MONEY!:  Now you are ready to start to earn money shiring and promoting our products. You have now access to your dashboard and all banners and posts you need to give peaple the possibilities to know our products, buy it and grow your earnings. Let's explain how you dashboard works: 
    The firs thing we note is the " YOUR REFERRAL LINK", you can copy it and publish it wherever you want, when people click on it they are linked to our homepage and if they buy something (doesn' t matter what) you will have your commissions!!

    Referral link for sharing referral multy level marketing

    Another important tool you will find in your dashboard is the "YOUR PRIMARY SOCIAL LINK" section where you can find some "ready to use" links that you can use to share your referral link directly by mail, facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+ or instagram. This tools will link customers directly to our homepage in order to navigate our ecommerce website and you will take your commission on every product they buy!

    primary social link to share for affiliate high revenue

    The Most Powerful Tool you will find in the dashboard is the "view all links" section, in this section you will find a large amout of link to share on facebook as post, with product pictures and a short description and price, so your friends can click on the link and visit the product, if they buy it you will take 30% of the total price, but it is not all, if they keep on navigating our website and they buy something you will keep on earning commissions! (even if they didn' t bought the product you shared but another one!!).
    Let's see how this section works: 
    The first thing to do is to click on "view all links" on dashboard

    view all link to share on facebook to earn money

    After that, the page with all links to share will open. In this section you will find thousand products to share. For every link you can see the category of product, so you can share if you want to share women clothing, electronics, sunglasses, home decorations and more! 
    Let' s see a exemple, if you want to share a swimming bikini on facebook, you will find it in our links page and click on "POST TO FACEBOOK":

    post ecommerce product on facebook to earn money

    Now your post is ready to be shared on facebook and you will start to EARN MONEY as soon as people will start to buy it !!!

    Now you are ready to start to earn money with our affiliate program! Go to sign-up now

    REMEMBER that if you don' t remember the link to your affiliate dashboard, you can find it in our homepage instead of open this page, but the link is the same you used to signup:

    Another great thing you can do is to invite your friend to signup our affiliate program! If you invite them, they will become your affiliates and you will earn commission when someone buy something! Infact, if they start to promote our products, when someone buy something using their link, your affiliates will take 5% of product' s cost and you will take your 30%! JUST DOING NOTHING!

    To invite others and start to have affiliates, it is enough that you click on "Invite Others" on your dashboard (it is on the left) and send them an email! In the email there is a link to sign up and you will start to see their progress in your dashboard!!