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Closecret Women's Convertible Bra Straps with 12mm and 15mm Width Optional(15mm Width)

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€15,007.99 EUR
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€15,011.98 EUR
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€15,007.99 EUR
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  • Brand: Closecret
  • Type: Women' s accessories intimates Straps
  • Availability: In Stock

Brand: Closecret

Color: White/Black/Nude


  • Package content: 3 pairs of 15mm width bra shoulder straps in 3 colors
  • Use on any bra with removable straps
  • Easily attach the hooks to the bra and adjust its length to fit your bra
  • Closecret is a registered trademark and the ONLY authorized seller: Closecret. Closecret is NOT responsible for other sellers selling in a different, inferior quality

Details: Q.Do I need to buy detachable straps?
A.Yes,you will need a bra straps that allows you to exchange the existing bra straps. We offer now a very sexy convertible bra that can be used with all our bra strap collection.
Q.How do I place the straps on my bra?
A.For a bra with convertible straps, unhook your old straps, connect your new straps, and you're done. For a bra without removable straps, you'll need to do a little work first. Cut each strap at both ends,leaving enough to fold over and sew to the bra, which creates a fabric hook. Then, connect your new straps using the fabric hooks that you just created. Make sure that you use enough thread to securely hold the hook in place, as the bra strap will put a lot of stress on it during regular use.
Q.What size are the bra straps?
A.All of our bra straps are fully adjustable to accommodate just about any size.
1.Please allow a little size error due to manual measurement.
2.Please be aware that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the color tone of the website's photo and the actual item could be slightly different.