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H2H Mens Knited Slim Fit Pullover Sweater Shawl Collar With One Button Point BLACK US XL/Asia XXL (KMOSWL036)

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€15,033.99 EUR
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€15,051.99 EUR
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€15,033.99 EUR
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  • Brand: H2H
  • Type: Men' s Pullovers
  • Availability: In Stock

Brand: H2H

Color: Kmoswl036-black


  • Style No. #KMOSWL036 : One Button Point Stylish Pullover
  • ATTENTION: This product has registered US Trademark"H2H", exclusively provided by H2H only. And we did not authorize any stores to sell our items. All Items offered by other sellers in this listing are COUNTERFEIT and FAKE products. Please check "H2H" before purchasing.
  • In the case of order that ships from H2H, (FedEx Priority / USPS) It usually takes around 5-10 days for arrival except for order fulfilled by amazon. Also, APO/FPO orders are welcome here
  • The color could be slightly different between on the screen and in practice.
  • Hand Wash / Dry Clean Recommended

Details: H2H is a Korean brand designed for men and women offering slim fit style with highest qualities. We bring customers to a different outlook on life of fashion.

US Small (Asia M)--Shoulder 16.5"---Chest 40"---Sleeve 26"---Length 26"
US Medium (Asia L)--Shoulder 17.5"---Chest 42"---Sleeve 27"---Length 27"
US Large (Asia XL)--Shoulder 18.5"---Chest 44"---Sleeve 28"---Length 28"
US X-Large (Asia XXL)--Shoulder 19.5"---Chest 47"---Sleeve 29"---Length 29"
US 2X-Large (Asia 3XL)--Shoulder 20.5"---Chest 51"---Sleeve 29.5"---Length 30"
US 3X-Large (Asia 4XL)--Shoulder 21.5"---Chest 55"---Sleeve 30"---Length 30"

US Small (Asia M)--Shoulder 17"---Chest 41"---Sleeve 26"---Length 27"
US Medium (Asia L)--Shoulder 18"---Chest 43"---Sleeve 26.5"---Length 27.5"
US Large (Asia XL)--Shoulder 20.5"---Chest 46"---Sleeve 28"---Length 29"
US X-Large (Asia XXL)--Shoulder 22.5"---Chest 49"---Sleeve 29.5"---Length 29"

US Large (Asia XL)--Shoulder 17.5"---Chest 42"---Sleeve 27"---Length 28"
US X-Large (Asia 2XL)--Shoulder 18.5"---Chest 44"---Sleeve 27.5"---Length 29"

US Large (Asia XL)--Shoulder 18.5"---Chest 43"---Sleeve 24"---Length 27"
US X-Large (Asia 2XL)--Shoulder 19.5"---Chest 45"---Sleeve 29.5"---Length 29"

US Medium (Asia L)--Shoulder 17.5"---Chest 39"---Sleeve 26"---Length 26.5"
US Large (Asia XL)--Shoulder 18.5"---Chest 41"---Sleeve 26.5"---Length 27"
US X-Large (Asia 2XL)--Shoulder 19.5"---Chest 43"---Sleeve 27"---Length 27"

US Small (Asia M)--Shoulder 18"---Chest 39"---Sleeve 24"---Length 25"
US Medium (Asia L)--Shoulder 19"---Chest 41"---Sleeve 24.5"---Length 25.5"