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MEINAIER Women's Self Adhesive Bra For Backless Dress,Reusable Silicone Push Up Invisible Strapless Bras With Drawstring

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  • Brand: Holisouse
  • Type: Adhesive Bras
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Brand: Holisouse

Color: Black


  • PUSH UP - the bra with adjustable drawstring closure design for different cups size, hold your breast and push boobs up or bring them closer together, will create a natural and amazing deep V shape breast.
  • STRAPLESS & BACKLESS & INVISIBLE - the bra is strapless and backless with natural skin color, totally invisible, people won¡¯t see any parts of this bra, will avoid the embarrassing?thing, very suitable for low-cut outfits, backless dresses, wedding dress, party dress.
  • ADHESIVE & STABLE - the bra with harmless pure medical?grade gel, everything always stay in place with good stickiness, it will gentle adhere your skin and keep the breast stable. No allergy, good for sensitive skin.
  • BREAST BREATHE FREELY - the bra with skin-friendly material nylon & spandex, and lightweight, high permeability, it can¡¯t burden your breast, you don¡¯t even feel you wear
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE - gentle clean the bra with laundry?detergent and water, then air dry, the adhesive parts will keep still. You still can wear it for several times parties with careful use, worth money and high-efficiency.

Details: Product description:
Cup A : 70A(32A) 75A(34A)
Cup B : 80A(36A) 85A(38A) 75B(34B) 70B(32B)
Cup C : 85B(38B) 80B(36B) 70C(32C) 75C(34C)
Cup D : 85C(38C) 80C(36C) 70D(32D) 75D(34D) 80D(36D)
Compare with traditional strap bra, it can be better to create a natural and amazing deep V breast without any bra parts, when you wear a low-cut outfits, backless dresses, wedding dress, party dress.
Worry it will fall down?
It with HIGH QUALITY STICKINESS, will stick your skin, and push your breast up, hold them close together, also it is STABLE.
ONE TIME USE only? No, it is reusable and washable, the stickiness will keep still after wash, but please careful.
Please note: NO SWEAT - please dry and clean your breast, sweat will affect stickiness, so it is not suitable for using in high temperature outdoors or doing exercise, better to stay inside parties, or evening actions.
Method of use
1. clean skin gently wash away the dirt an grease, towel dry excess water. Please do not use perfume, lotion, skincare products in the chest to keep the skin dry.
2. With one hand, you can stick the end of one side of bra to your one of breast. and same method for another side.
3. Finally use the buckle to settle and fasten the bra.