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Nippies Skin ORIGINAL Hypoallergenic Nipple Covers pasties NO ADHESIVE CREME COLOR SIZE 1

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  • SKU: B001O482W4
  • Brand: Nippies by Bristols Six
  • Type: Women' s accessories intimates Breast Petals
  • Availability: In Stock

Brand: Nippies by Bristols Six

Color: Light


  • ★★★★★ HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE using EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY you will only find on Nippies Skin. Our advanced InvisifeelTM silicone is soft and flexible to form to curves without bulk. ULTRA-THIN tapered edges blend seamlessly into skin to eliminate telltale ridges.©
  • ★★★★★ DISCREET "NO SHOW THROUGH" DESIGN - Exclusive Paparazzi ProofTM matte finish won't reflect light (or the camera flash!) through clothing. (Many gel petals are shiny and wrinkly and show through sheers.) Top Hollywood stylists and CELEBRITIES endorse and trust Nippies Skin as their red carpet fashion secret.©
  • ★★★★★ HYPOALLERGENIC MEDICAL GRADE silicone is ERGONOMICALLY designed to feel like you are wearing nothing. This version does NOT have ADHESIVE. Tuck into thin bras and workout tops for added coverage without bulky padding. (HINT: Can also be used as a hypoallergenic nursing pad for new moms!) LASTS 40 TIMES LONGER than conventional breast petals. WEAR OVER AND OVER! Washable and reusable.©
  • ★★★★★ 12 OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS - Women are not one size fits all. Nippies Skin are available in 2 versions, 2 sizes and 3 skin tones to compliment your uniqueness. This version does NOT have ADHESIVE. It is NOT STICKY. There is sticky 'adhesive' version on another listing. See Product Description area below for tips on how to choose. ©
  • ★★★★★ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Order with confidence! Nippies Skin customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and to your satisfaction every time! We are always available to help our customers.


NIPPIES SKIN ARE OFTEN IMITATED - NEVER DUPLICATED. Designed and tested in the USA by women for women. For over 15 years, nipple covers are all we do. Our experience and attention to detail makes Nippies Skin the preferred nipple concealer among top retailers, stylists and celebrities worldwide.

EXTRA PLUS: Nippies Skin come in a chic but discreet travel-size compact that keeps Nippies Skin clean and protected.


GOING BRALESS? WITH ADHESIVE is extra secure when going braless under halters, strapless, backless dresses and tops. Our special hypo-allergenic medical silicone adhesive reactivates when washed and reusable for up to 30 times!

WEARING A BRA? NON ADHESIVE tucks into thin bras and workout tops for added coverage without bulky padding. (HINT: Can also be used as a hypoallergenic nursing pad for new moms!)


THREE COLORS Creme, Carmel and Coco are semi-transparent to blend perfectly into with your unique skin tone. (HINT: Breast skin tends to be much lighter than other parts of our body so if you are in between shades - go with the lighter one.)


BIGGER IS BETTER! Nippies Skin might look larger than what you are used to. They are created this way on purpose! The larger surface area shapes the peast for a smoother look. Smaller gel petals can be thick and create puffy looking nipples.

SIZE 1 is 3 INCHES Great for A - C/D cups. HINT: If you are a C/D cup and want extra shaping and coverage? Size up!

SIZE 2 is 4 INCHES Fits D cup and up! The bestselling nipple cover also comes in plus size for the bigger girls. HINT: On a D cup or more, most standard size covers are just too small, creating telltale ridges and puffy looking nipples. This size can be worn by smaller girls also, It works almost like a bra covering and smoothing out the entire breast.