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Perforated Silicone Bra Insert Breast Enhancer Push Up Pads Chicken Cutlets (Perforated Clear Silicone Gel)

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  • Brand: Nudwear
  • Type: Women' s accessories intimates Pads & Enhancers
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Brand: Nudwear

Color: Perforated Clear Silicone Gel


  • UNIQUELY PERFORATED DESIGN IS LIGHT & BREATHABLE: The highest tech chicken cutlets on the market. These silicone bra inserts are perforated allowing water and air to pass through, making them lightweight, comfortable and breathable. Super lightweight and soft on your skin. You won't even know you have them on and neither will anyone else!
  • NO SLIP TEXTURED SURFACE: Special textured light adhesive surface keeps these silicone breast enhancers push up bra inserts discretely in place, avoiding wardrobe malfunctions and making them perfect even for swimsuits. Guaranteed to stay in place, you can wear these silicone bra pads under sports bras, swimsuits, lingerie - they will always stay discretely in place!
  • INSTANTLY INCREASES BREAST UP TO 2 BRA SIZES: These are complete breast enhancement pads and you will get up to 2 breast sizes bigger. Our soft silicone inserts are over 250 grams each and mold to your shape for a comfortable but dramatic breast enhancement. Instantly push up your bra size with these miracle push up bra pads!
  • LOOK, FEEL AND WEIGHT OF NATURAL TISSUE: Made from 100% soft silicone gel to create a natural feel and shape that looks and moves like real breasts under your bra, bikini or workout sports bra. Perforated design makes our silicone pads much lighter than other silicone bra pads. Transparent and breathable design for discretion, comfort, and dramatic breast enhancement.
  • FREE TRAVEL CASE: Stylish travel case is included making this a perfect gift for her and style on the go. The only chicken cutlets bra you need!

    HELPFUL HINT: When wearing a triangle top bikini make sure your top is large enough to fit the silicone breast enhancers in your bikini. They measure 5.5 inches wide x 4 inches tall (14cm x 10cm).

Whether your wearing your LBD or teeny bikini, Double Trouble Silicone Bra Inserts Breast Enhancers are uniquely perforated for a comfortable, lightweight, yet dramatic boost. The ultimate chicken cutlets, these babies add almost 2 cup sizes and work in most bras and bathing suits. Forget uncomfortable push up bras and padded bras, Double Trouble silicone breast enhancement pads are perfect with your regular lingerie, are waterproof and bikini ready bra inserts, the only push up bra inserts you need! You will never go back to the traditional chicken cutlets bra.

Perforated design is lightweight and breathable, allowing air and water to simply pass through as if you weren't wearing push up bra pads at all.
Textured ultra-soft silicone inserts are slip resistant for added security so you avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions!
Waterproof design can also be used in bikinis and sports bras
Free travel case is included for discrete style on-the-go
Makes a perfect gift for her!
SIZE: Double Trouble breast size enhancers measure 5.5 inches wide x 4 inches tall (14cm x 10cm). Make sure that your bra, bikini, or sports bra is a large enough size to fully cover the silicone bra pads.