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Sakya No Show Premium Cotton Socks Women Ultra Low Cut Liner Pack of 4, Nude

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  • Brand: Sakya
  • Type: Women' s Sock Slippers
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Brand: Sakya

Color: Nude 4 Pack


  • With silicone anti-slip heel. Hugs your feet & won't slip off. Machine Washable, durable. One size fits S/M Shoe size (4-8). Pack of 4 Pairs
  • Combined 30% good cotton with 67% bamboo fiber and 3% spandex. Made from eco-friendly material. Allows your feet to breathe and stay comfortable all day.
  • Soft and comfortable cotton material. Sweat-absorbent even when your feet perspire. Perfect for flats, high heels, dance and choir shoe, sports shoes and canvas shoe, etc.
  • Lightweight fabric, almost invisible and nicely finished seams, real no show and low cut socks. A little pad in heels, cushion on the back to protect your heels, well designed to anti-skip all day.
  • Computer-controlled manufacturing process to ensure that all socks we provide are what you need. All of our low cut socks are durable and fully washable from warm to cool wash.

Details: Sakya No Show Socks:

Committed to providing all ladies with homelike socks, are comfortable for all day, everyday wearing. Well stay on, no slipping, no irritation and stinkiness left. Ideal thickness to fit sneakers, canvas shoes, sports shoes from flats to high heels. Personalized and a little sexy. Casual and free design for walking, sitting, standing, traveling and all attire from casual to work, dress or formal.


‡ Our socks are made from 30% good cotton with 67% bamboo fiber.
‡ Fitted with an extra-large silicon grip to keep them firmly in place.
‡ Are durable and fully washable on a warm to cool wash.
‡ Our no show socks will stay on your foot.
‡ Will not be seen from the lowest cut flats or heels.
‡ Seams kept to a minimum to ensure no rubbing and maximum comfort.
‡ Stop your shoes smelling and help them last longer.
‡ Reduce foot odor.