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Wham-o Slip N Slide Wave Rider 16'

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€15,013.21 EUR
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  • Brand: Wham-O
  • Type: Men's Sandals
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Brand: Wham-O

Edition: FEAF447E


  • Colors may vary
  • Slip-N-Slide Length: 16 ft.
  • Includes a bonus inflatable boogie board for smooth sliding
  • Features Hydro-Glide technology
  • Self-filling see-through water bumper
  • Bumper Spray Action continuously sprays water from bumper system to splash pool

Legal Disclaimer: Not for adult use. not for children over 12 or under 5 years of age. This product in not for use by anyone over 5 feet tall or weighing over 110 pounds.

Publisher: John N. Hansen Co. Inc.

Warranty: No Warranty

Details: The Wham-O wave rider slip-n-slide with boogie offers kids a way to cool down during the summer with a fast-paced, drenching thrill ride a fun spin on a classic summer favourite, the wave rider features Wham-Os' bumper spray action, which continuously sprays water from the bumper system to the splash pool for a guaranteed wet ride featuring hydro-glide technology, your child will quickly and easily glide down the slide into the splash pool. A bonus inflatable boogie board is also included for an even smoother ride. This backyard toy is recommended for children ages 5 to 12 years. The Wham-O wave rider slip-n-slide is the ultimate way to cool off during those hot summer months the colors may vary.